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Son Matt shot this great video of Marlow from the air with his drone.

Sarah's Country is a new radio show by Sarah Perriam. Here she is interviewing me end January 2020 for the Open Farms initiative.

Sheep Improvement Limited's site contains genetic information and breeder comparative analysis to give commercial clients scientific unbiased information to make decisions. Look out for Marlow (712) which for a small stud has sheep represented throughout the front pages of these lists.

The Coopworth Genetics site has useful information about the breed and selection lists showing the rankings of the top Coopworth sheep in NZ.

Every couple of months Jesse Mulligan from RNZ rings me up for a chat about what is happening on the farm and to see the world through a farmer's eyes. I see it as a great opportunity to talk directly to Auckland to remind them that if they like eating, their food comes from farmers and growers. And we are doing a good job at making the world a better place!

Here's a Beef and Lamb NZ podcast with a summary of what I've learnt over a 40 year farming career.

Below is a nice little video that the NZ Farm Forestry did on our plantings as a promotion for the benefits of incorporating trees into a hill country farm.


Marlow Coopworths qualifies as a full member of FEGold due to the work we have done over a decade to breed resistance to Facial Eczema.

Ovis (Sheep measles) management.

Here is a presentation John Wilkie, Chris Logan and myself gave to a Beef and Lamb Genetics NZ conference on our sire reference scheme, NZ Ovine Sire Reference which has been going for nearly 40 years and has been a terrific example of cooperation amongst a group of Coopworth breeders.