These two files are the latest selection outputs from SIL for the Marlow flock. One is in DPP order and the other is in number order. Each list contains all the rising 2th rams that were here for shearing and weighing at the beginning of September but most under DPP 2000 have now been culled.

The lists also include all sires used since 2007. This gives information on the sires of the 2012 born lambs and also a strong indication of the genetic gain within the Marlow flock. Sires selected from the very top of their selection lists only 3-4 years ago are now right at the bottom of these lists. Only a few of the recent sires are able to compete with their sons. 5203/04 named last year as the industries 'Super Sire' comes in at 187th out of 205 so would be lucky to be made into dog tucker if he was still here!

The output includes latest (2016) lambing data so their dams, half siblings and other female relatives have contributed to the reproduction and survival information and accuracies.

There would be few flocks of any breed able to offer all sale rams above 2000 DPP and right up to 2600 DPP for the top ones. There would be even fewer prepared to make these lists public.